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Hi! We are Esther & Asar! 

In 2016 we met (again... ;-)), a clear Sirius soulmate reconnection! Ever since, our lives have taken on a magical twist..!


Thank you for your message!

Asar about Esther

Esther is a special channel, who can precisely channel a broad range of beings e.g. Ascended Masters, Extraterrestrials, Inner Earth Beings, GAIA, Higher Selves and earth beings like trees and Elementals. Her capability is supported by hi-tec-devices that have been installed by her Star family into her energy bodies. Star Beings have chosen Esther also for their healing works with humans. Esther holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and is working as a healer in Holland and Switzerland. Esther is my soul-mate. We have been prepared for each other since decades. She has enormously expanded my horizon towards earth and the universe. I am deeply grateful for her love and her work with me and our joint work with our star-friends.

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Esther about Asar

Asar is an ambitious German entrepreneur & economist living in Switzerland. He makes the world more beautiful by means of products that vitalise water, improve our capacity to deal with electrosmog and reduce pollution with the help of free energy. He has a tremendous passion and power to manifest and he supports others in doing the same. Asar helped me remember we are all true Gods and Goddesses and are here to live our true potential. He is abundant in his love and lifestyle, I truly enjoy his divine presence in my life. He acts as a spiritual enhancer for my life journey and loves the contact with our star family 😊!


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