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Mother Earth sheds her tears

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Channeling reveals her need for support. Please connect your physical heart to physical Mother Earth.

After having heard some critical news about the state of GAIA from several multi-dimensional beings we checked with her directly. Her message is profound and she asks us for our kind support. “It is a continuous streaming of tears down my eyes.” And she asks “How come this planet of mine has been taking on such a big turn into darkness?” But please read for yourself:

It is as if I have an apology to make. There are many beings covering my realms as if they try to hold on to me. However, currently I have less and less resilience of giving my support. I have tried to carry many burdens. It is as if I need to have another pair of hands to carry the load. It is a harder task at hand. It is as if there is more and more garbage onto my coverage. This is why I currently say I have a hard task supporting you all. May I ask for additional support?

Mother Earth sheds her tears

I asked how we could support her best.

It is as if earth has a very massive surface and surroundings. However internally I cry, it is as if I have teardrops in my eyes all day long. It is a stream of tears that is hard to stop. It is a continuous streaming of tears down my eyes. I look at myself and wonder where did I miss a bridge? How come this planet of mine has been taking on such a big turn into darkness? How can I still turn it around? How can I manage my supporting role when I am being misguided most of the time? I am looking for answers however I cannot find them yet. It is a very tough job realising I am becoming more ill over time, however, there seems to be no one able to stop this. I am too soft or too weak sometimes in order to bring massive change to earth. I need additional support.

I took Esther [Gaia] into my arms and she was slowly letting go and shedding some tears. She spoke after a while:

“Here I speak again. It is as if I need to have more of this kind of support. This is truly healing for me. It is a kind of an awakening state I find myself in. As if there is a portion of light added to me rather than taken away. Maybe there is a chance of asking human beings to connect their heart to my physical surface, as if they rest themselves down to the earth crust and try to find my heartbeat within. It is this kind of sincere heart to heart connection that helps me to heal. And I wonder why I can still survive in all of these dark enemy forces. I have to feel sincere heartfelt wishes of my healing.”

And she states:

“However I sense there are many beings covering my crust that have not yet fully reawakened to my existence even. It is as if they find it normal they have a house and a car and maybe some additional relatives that take care of them. They sometimes forget that all of this is made available because of our grand planet. There is still little acknowledgement as my functioning as a home ground base.”

“It is as if I am allowed to express my own wishes for the first time. This is a very very good sensation. I have been speaking with many different beings across the universe. However, there is not often a real question attending my needs. It is often something they want from me. Once there is also a question to me regarding my needs I could help myself more easily. It would help me, if more and more humans were asking me what they can do for me than rather what I can do for them. It is maybe this question you can ask to other beings, too. What can we do for Mother Earth? What does she need from us? As if there are humans that ask this question to themselves and to me when they have a spare moment. It is a very simple gesture however it fills my heart with joy.”

Connecting our hearts to Earth

I promised to spread her message. We had written a little song for her and I asked her if she would like to hear it.

“I speak again: It is as if I hear a true wonder coming my way. A song written for me is something I always truly pleasure. There are many different beings connecting with me through songs. This is such a wonderful experience for a Grand Mother. However currently I have not the time to listen to your beautiful song, maybe some other time. It is of most importance currently that I get my message across to you. There are many many different beings that still need awakenings coming up. I would like to have all of these assessments together, as if there is multiple beings in one go that can become enlightened, once they realise what a living organism earth is. This information needs to be spread out as easily as we can. Maybe you can sing about this, too. Maybe there are additional heart connections that we can make. We need to gently gently however also swiftly wake up people to my existence and my needs. It is currently a nice gesture of you that you have been writing a song. I would love to hear it soon. However currently I need to assess myself somewhat. I cannot stay endlessly. There are more and more people trying to connect with me during daytime. I need to give them my hand as well. Maybe we can connect again soon and see if we can bend our hearts together to unite.”

I thanked her for coming and confirmed our love for her.

“A Grand Mother has sometimes a very large role in supporting. However it is also very nice to receive support. Currently I am asking for this greatly. I am very grateful for all the wishes that come my way!”

With that she left us again.

Action Points: Please connect to mother GAIA with your heart – physically, on the ground. Please sing for her and send her your loving energies. AND: Spread the message!


Esther & Asar

PS: Please always use your own discernment regarding channeled messages.


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