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Bultor's Calling for Healing Mother Gaia

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Extraterrestrials suggest uniting forces with humans in supporting Mother Gaia to heal.

Another magical and totally unexpected encounter happened to us this week. While we have contact with many star-beings every week, one of the highest beings we know is Bultor. He is a wise being from Sirius B who had visited us before. Since millennia the Sirians are involved in Earth’s development and Bultor asked us for our kind support.

He shared that Earth stands at a critical point of her development. The energies on earth are detrimental to Mother Gaia and continue to weaken her. This is basically the same message from all other Star-beings we have asked about Gaia in the last couple of months. This message is not meant to spread fear. So in case you are reacting with fear please clear your fear-body (which is good anyway :)). Your loving compassionate support is needed now.

More Unity Amongst Lightworkers

Bultor: “ There is a continuous poisoning going on. There is a dark grid – you may call it – that is continuously fed by your media, your authorities, by your politicians, by your investigators that are always trying to misguide the truth. It is as if there is a secret agreement in trying to keep earth as dark as can be. But there are even stronger light forces who are trying to connect to the light. This is why we need to have more collective work into light-gridding. It needs to be more coordinated. There need to become more unity amongst grid-workers so that there are more and more capitals of light supporting our beloved grid.”

Lightworkers United for Earth

He said that we need to direct our attention more down to Earth rather than only upwards:

“Attention focus needs to be more downward these days. There is enough light over there [pointing upwards]. It needs to be inside earth. This is my main message for now. There is enough humans beings on earth who have skills in planting light inside earth. This is what we mainly ask for. As if there is collective guidance inside earth rather than travelling upwards and hanging around in gorgeous light beams.”

We asked him also for their support as extraterrestrials and he said:

“It will startle humanity tremendously when all of a sudden there is a bunch of funny looking beings that will fall from the sky.”
“It will be a full shock to humanity to realise that they are not at the top of the food chain which they have always remembered they were. In essence we are all in one ecosystem. There is no good or better or worse.”

Our beloved Star-friends want the same as we - peace on earth - however, they don't want to startle us with their presence. Our invitation goes to you, dear reader, to spread this information so that more people are aware of our task at hand and our helping Star-friends. This will enable them to support us more and more in our light work for mother Gaia.

Call for Action

Let us meditate each Monday evening (9 pm CET) for 15 minutes (or longer) to connect our hearts with GAIA and include her in our love and light. You may invite your angels and guides as well as your physical and non-physical friends.

Please spread this post (word of mouth, social media, email etc.) so that we enhance the power of the light on earth.


Esther & Asar

PS: Please always use your own discernment regarding channeled messages.


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