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Inner Earth Being Lacerta speaks 1st time to a group of humans

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

It is an exciting day today! Not only for us but also for the beloved lizard woman Lacerta who we will introduce to a group of humans for the first time. Asar and I are on Corfu, where we are enjoying the Gayatri Festival, a week immersed in beautiful mantra singing. Participants can offer sessions there. We offered a meET & greET with several beloved multidimensional beings we are in contact with.

Groupchanneling of Mother Earth & Lady Lacerta

Lacerta is a Lizard Woman who lives with her tribe in Inner Earth. We met her half a year ago, when Esther was ‘pulled’ towards her YouTube video/interview that she gave in her physical appearance on the crust in the 90’s. We felt an immediate calling to contact her. After some hesitance and ‘testing the waters’ from her/their side towards humans, a beautiful friendship started to evolve. We have channeled her many times in the last 6 months and decided to invite her to meet a group of approximately 20 interested humans in Corfu.

One of the graphic representations of Lacerta
Lacerta was introduced by Mother Earth, who was speaking before her: “I have many children on the crust and below the crust and as a mother I should love all of them equally. But to be honest, these beings under the crust are in a constant loving relationship with me, they are grateful for my presence and they honour me. Most humans on the other hand have forgotten about me and they are never or rarely in contact with me. So currently I have a much closer relationship to these wonderful beings living inside me. The one that will be speaking to you now is a shining example.”

Mother Earth left the space gracefully. Then we called upon Lacerta to enter Esther’s channel.

Mother Earth loves her Inner Earth beings

“Uhrr, uhrr, uhrr”. Lacerta introduced herself with some of the backthroated welcoming sounds that the Lizards are using amongst themselves. “My name is Lacerta, Lacerta, Lacerta”. The Lizards are very keen on pronouncing names correctly, they always speak in 3-folds. Since we were with a large group, Lacerta asked the group to sing their names back to her in 3-fold. It was beautiful to hear everybody chant their personal name in their own manner.

She explained that this was her first time ever speaking with a larger group of humans. She had told us before that she was very excited about her renewed contact with humans. It hadn’t always been so friendly.. When she started to speak, she posed a question many people will ask themselves:

“Upon your question, is there really life inside the Earth, the answer is simple (she ‘wrote’ with Esther’s hands in the air): YES there is, Plenty Of It!”

Representation of Inner Earth Beings

Lacerta had already shared some of her background with us on another occasion (this is from the old interview not this session). The Lizards decided to leave the crust of the Earth eons ago because of fightings with some malevolent ETs and also the humans of the time. They wanted to avoid the ongoing battles and found refuge in inner earth, in caves a few km under the crust. She explained there are numerous other races in inner earth that live in different depths and dimensions. Her race keeps pretty much to themselves. They live a secluded life in caverns with artificial light. Regarding technologies they have far advanced humans, e.g. they can travel inner earth with highly developed interdimensional technology without having to dig tunnels like humans do.

Impression of cavern life in Inner Earth

What they miss most is the freedom of living on the crust and enjoying the natural sunlight. Every time we talk to Lacerta this is a clear point that still causes them sorrow and a deep longing. In order to survive, they have developed a very high energy field that they keep strong together. Each morning they join in meditation to keep their energies high. The so-called ‘gliders’ are immediately tracked and supported to join the group field again. The living inside earth has enticed them to focus on their spiritual development as a group. If too many tribe members would fall out of their high and loving energy field, it would be their end as a species.

What the Lizards miss most is natural sunlight...
Then, Lacerta posed an intriguing question to us: “How would you feel about staying in caverns in Inner Earth for some years?”

When I (Esther) received this question from Lacerta some time ago, it really ‘hit’ me. A life living underneath the Earth’s surface..?! I felt so much compassion for these loving beings who still seem to be in hiding. All participants in the group answered that they would miss the sunlight, and most could not imagine doing it. But some were also attracted by the warm, loving and cosy tribal feeling of living together in a cavern.

I (Asar) asked her about the bad reputation that reptiloids have amongst some humans, being responsible for lots of the darker energies on earth. Lacerta shared that there is a broad range of beings including reptiloids that range from very benevolent (like themselves) to very malevolent. Indeed, some of the malevolent reptiloids tried to tell them at the time what to believe and how to behave and this was one of the reasons for them to leave the crust of the Earth. Several sources claim that the influence of these malevolent reptiloids is currently diminishing. The energies within Earth are also changing. It saddens the Lizards that they are often grouped in with the malevolent reptiloids as they have also been suffering from their workings on Earth.

Other questions were asked to Lacerta. She kindly answered all of them in her clear, honest and kind speaking, doing her best to explain concepts that are not always available to Esther’s limited channeling capabilities.

“What do you eat?” Lacerta was asked. She explained they do not have the fruits and vegetables that we know on Earth, but they are cultivating some sort of ‘bacteria’ (by lack of a better fitting word) that are the basis of their nutrition. In addition, they are living with animals that they keep as pets. At the end of their life-cycle they render their bodies to them. She described having small farms where they keep these animals from inner earth. These animals have lived before in inner earth and have been genetically expanded. They are not comparable to our animals (cows, pigs or chicken), more like big marmots. She indicated their animals are treated kindly, not badly as often is the case on the crust. She confessed they would never eat farm animals from the crust.

“Do you experience duality in your world?” was another question. Lacerta responded: “we only know one duality”, making hand movements through Esther in the air to illustrate what she meant: “above crust or under crust – good or bad – good or bad – good or bad”. We could clearly sense some bitterness and sadness in her words.

“How can we help you to come up to the surface again?” was another, very considerate question. Lacerta asked us to share with friends and family about their existence in inner earth, about their loving attitude and that they would love to live more on Earth’s crust one day, also being able to enjoy the light of the sun. We could also share pictures or paintings of them, so people slowly, slowly get accustomed to the idea of other beings and civilizations living underneath Earth’s crust. On another occasion she asked us to visualize and ‘imagine’ them living amongst us on the crust, green beings, with legs and arms like we have, but greenish in hue and somewhat more muscular of posture.

It’s still an intriguing image, but we would very much welcome them!

After sharing back and forth of about half an hour, she made a deep bow through Esther’s body and left the open space where we were sitting.

We were all touched by her appearance.

Later she shared with us that she was very grateful for her first larger-scale exchange with humans and that she would love to expand on it.

Do you also like to contribute to helping the Lizards resurface over time? Please connect with them, share and read about them. It will help them to get more and more connected to the life on the crust 😊!

Thank You! With Love,

Esther & Asar

PS: The official ‘video’interview of the Lacerta Files has been viewed over 2 million times! Recently we discovered this version has been deleted from YouTube..! Here I could find a new video upload! It is also worthwhile to read the transcript.

Action points: connect and share openly and lovingly about beings living in Inner Earth <3!

Video & Reading Suggestions:

- The Lacerta FilesVideo and English transcript

- Books by Radu Cinamar, e.g. The Second Tunnel & website

- Agartha – video Inner Earth Civilizations

- In German: Thalus von Athos aka Alf Jasinski, Buch 1: Die Offenbarung, Buch 2+3 Das Portal und weitere Bücher in der Serie.

With Love! Esther & Asar

PS: Please always use your own discernment regarding channeled messages.


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