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Loving Request from Mother Earth to You!

Watch our video with Gaia's message to you ❤ & Option to attend Channeling on May 29!

GAIA has been asking us for many months to connect with her more frequently by putting our hands to her crust. We did this for a while and shared it with some friends and workshop participants. I got many positive feedbacks.

A little over a month ago I woke up one morning and had the clear inspiration, to share it with a broader audience. We spoke to GAIA and she loved the proposal. I wrote a first text and Vytas made a wonderful 1st video to it. Then we showed this to Mother Earth. She thanked us for our initiative and was eager to contribute.

She is such a wonderful and sweet mother! During the next channel she spoke some loving words through Esther, the essence of which is included in the video below.

When we showed the final video to her she was moved and thanked us again. We blessed the video together and sent it out to you!

Now it is upon you to distribute it further and to connect with her, best daily through your hands and your heart. It is so beautiful to sense her energies flowing back. First it took me a few minutes to fully sense the energies coming back to my heart. But now that I am more used to it I can sense her loving energies in less than 30 seconds!

The more we connect with her the easier this current transition process will be happening, she shared. All is well under way and there is no way for a return to the old energies. By connecting with her we will enhance her and our combined energies. What a beautiful gift for a few minutes each day!

Thank you so much for being part of her healing!


Asar & Esther

PS: In case you want to meet Gaia on a live ZOOM channeling on May 29th, get your ticket here:

PS: Please always use your own discernment regarding channeled messages.


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